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Overseas Development


Customers developed by the company should meet the standards and requirements of the Group’s management regulations and have local registered permanent residence. New customers should be the most locally capable and competitive and have a good reputation, rich experience and abundant financial resources, and personnel, vehicle and warehouse should meet the Group’s requirements. Note: Whereas sales outlets may change, please contact us in case information provided is not consistent with the reality.
Customer service hotline:020-81808822(China)

Product introduction
Fabric Care
Laundry Powder
Liby Super-Concentrated
  • Bio-active enzyme eliminates stubborn stains and prevents dirt from re-accumulating,making fabric bright as new
  • Concentrated formula,less dosage but more efficacy
  • Recommended for machine wash.
Liby floral breeze detergent p...
Liby super clean detergent pow...
  • Double way dirt seperating factor to tackle tough stains
  • Multiple enzymes to break down stains more effectively
  • Suitable both for hand wash and machine wash
Liby color brightening deterge...
  • Color brightening factor to renew the fabric
  • Mild on skin and fabric
  • Suitable both for hand wash and machine wash
Laundry Liquid
Liby total action laundry liqu...
Fabric Softener
Sweet Chance& Sunshine Blossom
Laundry Soap
Liby coconut-oil whiten laundr...
Liby coconut-oil transparent l...
Liby Ginger Dishwashing Liquid
  • Contain Ginger extracts, remove grease effectively
  • Refreshing scent to eliminate odor
  • Mild on hands,easy to rinse,no residue
Liby Lemon Dishwashing Liquid
  • Vitamin E care for your hands
  • Quickly eliminate odor and easy to rinse
  • Lemon extracts provides refreshing scent
Liby Kumquat Dishwashing Liqui...
  • Contain Kumquat essence, remove grease and odors effectively
  • High efficiency with less dosage
  • Natural ingredients,mild formula
Liby Dishwashing Liquid(6 in 1...
  • New formula with multiple effects and superior grease-removing effect
  • Eliminate odor
  • Mild on hands,easy rinse,no residue
Liby green tea dishwashing liq...
Liby mineral salt dishwashing ...
Liby mineral salt dishwashing ...
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